TextureFaceNaturopolis brings together the best elements of a forest music festival and Burning Man in an open-minded space where the creativity of the community defines the shared experience of the participants. It is a “leave no trace” event.

Naturopolis is a four-day temporary community experience held May long weekend on a beautiful property one hour south of Ottawa near Ingleside, Ontario. Participants come together in an environment of self-expression and self-reliance to form new friendships and create a community that embodies all forms of art – musical, visual, culinary, performance or any other experience you can create or imagine. YOU are Naturopolis!

Here you can enjoy all the usual trappings of a forest art and music festival: skills/knowledge workshops, mindful documentaries, massage, reiki, theme camps, art installations both large and small, group meals and community ceremonial fire celebrating new friends and fantastic experiences shared together.

Start the season of transformative festivals on the right beat! We are excited and hopeful that you want to contribute your energies and join us in co-creating this festival of awesomeness. Let us know how your interested or if you have ideas on ways you would like to pARTicipate in helping to make Naturopolis 2014 happen, please contact us.

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