Naturopolis brought together the best elements of a forest music festival and Burning Man in an open-minded space where the creativity of the community defines the shared experience of the participants. It is a “leave no trace” event.

Naturopolis was a four-day temporary community experience held May long weekends on a beautiful property one hour south of Ottawa near Ingleside, Ontario. Participants came together in an environment of self-expression and self-reliance to form new friendships and create a community that embodies all forms of art – musical, visual, culinary, performance or any other experience you can create or imagine. YOU were Naturopolis!

There you could enjoy all the usual trappings of a forest art and music festival: skills/knowledge workshops, mindful documentaries, massage, reiki, theme camps, art installations both large and small, group meals and community ceremonial fire celebrating new friends and fantastic experiences shared together.